Willis Mountain

Willis Mountain is a monadnock rising from the rolling Piedmont hills of Buckingham County, Virginia, near the geographic center of the state. It is composed of Kyanite-bearing quartz that weathers more slowly than the surrounding material.[1] The Kyanite Mining Corporation of Dillwyn has mined Willis Mountain long enough to reduce significantly the profile of the mountain.[1][2]



  1. "Willis Mountain". College of William & Mary Department of Geology. Retrieved 2009-03-08. Composed of kyanite-bearing quartzite, Willis Mountain stands more resistant to the forces of weathering
  2. "Looking Beyond the Mountain"(PDF). Retrieved 2009-03-08 . [T]he company that now mines the Willis deposit got its start only 60 years after Robert E. Lee surrendered his confederate forces to Ulysses S. Grant at the Court House in Appomattox