Golesh Bluff


Golesh Bluff (Bulgarian: рид Голеш, romanizedrid Golesh, IPA: [ˈrid ˈɡɔlɛʃ]) is the ice-covered bluff rising to 1426 m[1] on the north side of Detroit Plateau on Trinity Peninsula in Graham Land, Antarctica. It has precipitous west slopes surmounting a tributary glacier that is flowing northwestwards into Pettus Glacier.

The feature is named after the settlement of Golesh in Northeastern Bulgaria.



Golesh Bluff is located at 63°49′21″S58°52′42″W / 63.82250°S 58.87833°W / -63.82250; -58.87833, which is 13.27 km east-southeast of Poynter Hill, 6.37 km south-southeast of Aureole Hills, 11.7 km southwest of Skoparnik Bluff, and 12.59 km west of Gurgulyat Peak in Kondofrey Heights. German-British mapping in 1996.



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This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.