Apuseni Mountains


The Apuseni Mountains (Romanian: Munții Apuseni, Hungarian: Erdélyi-középhegység) is a mountain range in Transylvania, Romania, which belongs to the Western Romanian Carpathians, also called Occidentali in Romanian. Their name translates from Romanian as Mountains "of the sunset", i.e., "western". The highest peak is the Bihor Peak at 1,849 metres (6,066 ft). The Apuseni Mountains have about 400 caves.



The Apuseni Mountains do not present an uninterrupted chain of mountains, but possess many low and easy passes towards the Crișana and the Pannonian Plain. Going from south to north the principal groups are: the Munții Metaliferi ("Ore Mountains") with the basaltic masses of the Detunata (1,148 metres (3,766 ft)) near Abrud; the Bihor Mountains, with numerous caverns, with the highest peak the Bihorul (1,849 metres (6,066 ft));[1] to the east of this group are the Muntele Mare (highest peak 1,820 metres (5,970 ft)), to the southwest of Cluj-Napoca; the northernmost chain is the Seș and Meseș Mountains.



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